Our Business Partner of the Month is Cobb Hudjohn, nominated by Principal Rachael Harms from Chapman Hill Elementary School.

Mr. Hudjohn, whose real name is Jacob, is known as “Cobb” wherever he goes. He is an entrepreneur and is owner/co-owner of several small businesses, including “Make Me Tees,” a Salem-based company that specializes in branding, custom design and printing of T-shirts.

Principal Harms says that when he was a child, Cobb was THAT student every teacher dreads having in her class. Cobb says his sixth-grade teacher left the profession because of him. He was an unusual student who learned differently than other kids, which made school a struggle.

Fast forward to today, and Cobb is now experiencing school anew through his son, a second-grader at Chapman Hill Elementary. Nowadays, you can’t keep him away from school.

Cobb helped Chapman Hill research its original school colors and then redesigned the school logo as something attractive and modern. After that, he set up a web page where anyone can order Chapman Hill school gear. One-hundred percent of the proceeds from sales go back to Chapman Hill Elementary.

Principal Harms says Cobb has a special place in his heart kids. Anytime there’s something that might make a child feel different or unappreciated, he steps in.

Recently he had a pile of T-shirts left over from various projects, and he printed the Chapman Hill logo on them. Cobb delivered over 50 T-shirts to the school, and said he wanted them to go to the students who needed them most. The ones who didn’t have any spirit wear.

Principal Harms says its unusual for someone who had a bad experience of school growing up to make a 180-degree turn and focus on how he can make school a positive experience for children. She appreciates that very much.

Chapman Hill Elementary wants to thank Cobb Hudjohn for all he does, and we’re pleased to recognize “Make Me Tees” as Salem-Keizer Public Schools’ Business Partner of the Month. Congratulations!

Pictured from left: Chapman Hills Elementary Principal Rachael Harms; School Board Vice Chairperson Sheronne Blasi; and Business Partner of the Month Cobb Hudjohn with Make Me Tees.